Finding the right shoe

Pronator? Supinator? Neutral?
What does it all mean?
Anatomy of a Running Shoe
Decipher the "Lingo."
When Do I Need New Shoes?
Signs your current pair is beat.
Tips for Buying Running Shoes
The perfect pair, the first time.
Types of Running Shoes
And what's best for me?
Breaking in a Shoe
What to / not to do.

Quick Runner's Tip:
Use an online log to get the most out of your training. Seeing your endurance and speed improve is a great motivator. DailyMile is an extremely popular one.


Not clerks - experts.

The Inside Track is your hometown source for the best selection of running shoes - staffed by experts who can match you with the right shoe, the first time. Let their experience and advice be your guide, and browse our wide selection of major brands! We carry names like Adidas, Asics, Brooks, Mizuno, New Balance, Nike, Saucony, Puma, and Reebok.

What's the Differece?

If you've been to other athletic stores, you've found that the staff may not know as much as you need them to know. You want to make an informed decision, but you need the right help. Experience and advice are as important as the shoe itself, especially if you're new to the sport.

Whether running is your hobby or your lifestlye, The Inside Track has exactly what you need to get the most out of your hard work. If you can't find it here, we'll help you get it. Most brands and styles are carried in stock - those that aren't can be ordered or transferred from our other locations.